Some Interesting Information You May Not Know About Cuban Cigars

Few tobacco products are as legendary as Cuban cigars, and it’s easier today than ever before to buy Cuban cigars in Tesco. Here are some facts you may not know about this classic Cuban export.

Interesting information

Cuban cigars aren’t cheap! Even as Cuba rejoins the world economy, it’s hard to find a Cuban cigars cheaper than $25 each. Even in Cuba itself, you are going to be paying a lot. It’s a simply a situation of high-quality having a high price.

You may have seen pictures of Cuban workers being read to while they assemble cigars in the factory, and this is still the case. For the most part, readers stick to official newspapers and other dry material, but hearing it still must make the time go faster for the workers. When there are no readers, workers listen to soap-operas on the radio.

As far as famous cigar-smokers go, a number of them preferred Cuban cigars. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud loved his Cuban cigars, and so did Groucho Marx; the famed actor often had an unlit Cuban cigar in his mouth while he was on the set. Cuba’s most famous leader, Fidel Castro, also smoked cigars from his own country, but he quit decades before his death. Castro’s bodyguard supplied him with Cohiba cigars. For pipe tobacco, Cuban cigars in Tesco and other products from a source you can rely on for outstanding customer-service and superior products, visit

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