The Importance of Regular Dental Appointments in Edmond, Oklahoma

Oral health is vastly important. The buildup of plaque, tartar and food particles can cause unexpected consequences. Therefore, it is important to keep dental visits with your local dentists in Edmond, OK, whenever possible.

Neglecting Your Dental Appointments

Skipping a visit to your local dentist can have grave effects on your oral health. As plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth, your gums can become irritated and inflamed. Eventually, this swelling and irritation can lead to gingivitis or even periodontal disease.

Moreover, neglecting to see your dentist could cost you more money and headache in the future. That’s because, with every dental visit you miss, you are missing the opportunity for your dentist to spot issues that are cropping up that, if caught early enough, could be addressed before they turn serious.

How Often You Should Go

The consensus is that you should see your local dentist at least twice yearly, or once every six months. This number could fluctuate, however, depending on the specific needs of your smile. Be sure to speak with local dentists in Edmond, OK, for more details.

Between Visits

Caring for your teeth between each visit to the dentist is imperative. Your dentist will recommend brushing at least twice daily, flossing daily and using an antiseptic oral rinse. Following this protocol has the potential to save you time in the dentist seat, as less time will have to be spent removing plaque and tartar at your next visit.

If you are interested in finding a dentist near you, contact Grady L. Lembke, DDS.

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