Still Receive The Medical Care And Prescriptions You Need With Medical Clinics In Maui

Whether you live in Maui or are visiting, your healthcare needs don’t stop. There are Medical Clinics in Maui that can treat many of your medical needs and even refill prescriptions. They know that medical care is more than 8-5 through the week. If you’re visiting and your prescription medical is depleted, you can stop in to discuss with the doctor about receiving another refill. They also cover medical cares for any age. Immunizations as well as preventative care will be handled in a warm, friendly, caring and compassionate way.

The Medical Clinics in Maui offer more services than many clinics or urgent cares across the United States. They also offer such services as hormone replacement therapy. They offer INR testing in house which saves you from going to a laboratory to have the blood drawn and tested. You can get instant results instead of waiting for days. They are also the only facility that has doctors on staff that were trained in the United States and licensed in the United States in the area.

They have x-ray equipment on site if you believe you’ve broken a bone. If you’re visiting in Maui, some medications can be refilled on site. Pharmacies will not refill prescriptions unless your doctor is licensed in Hawaii. A visit to the clinic can help you get the medicine and medical help you need. Some medications can be dispensed in the office. Minor treatment such as stings, bites, allergic reactions, lacerations and other emergencies can be addressed at Medical Clinics in Maui. There’s no need for you to run to the hospital for treatment.

If you live in the area and need a physical for sports, school or employment such as truck or bus drivers, they can complete these for you. There’s no need to wait for weeks to get an appointment. Immunizations such as flu shots, pneumonia shots and others can be done at the clinic. The experienced and friendly staff can meet all of your medical needs in a professional manner. The best part is you can walk right in on your schedule. For more information on this clinic, Click here.

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