Substance Abuse Treatment: What Does a Substance Abuse Evaluation Involve?

For a person to seek out a Substance Abuse Evaluation in the first place; there must already be some sort of notion that a problem with substances already exists. The person who is being evaluated usually isn’t surprised when they are told that they have a drug or alcohol problem.

After a prospective new patient makes the first appointment, they are always given information over the phone to let them know what to expect during their evaluation. All new patients are expected to produce a urine sample to be used to test for all drugs of abuse. In addition, various other tests, including urine testing, are available for the detection of alcohol.

At the Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic of South Mississippi, the Board Certified Addictionologist, who is also a Medical Doctor, will carefully obtain the patient’s history. As such, in addition to taking a careful Substance Use History, the Doctor will also ask questions about Past Medical History, Past Psychiatric History, Family History and Social History. The Doctor, during the evaluation, will also perform what is called a Mental Status Examination. This allows the Doctor to be able to make the appropriated diagnosis for a Treatment Plan to be established. The Doctor discusses the patient’s Diagnosis and Treatment Plan with the patient, if the patient decides to pursue treatment. The entire process takes about two hours. Most of the time, new patients are able to begin the treatment right away.

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