Options To Consider When Selecting Pipe Valves And Fittings

by | Sep 27, 2017 | industrial

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Choosing the right materials for any type of construction project from relatively simple systems to very complex industrial systems is always important. The right combination of pipe valves and fittings will not only make the job easier during the installation process, but they will also have a longer life cycle than using the incorrect choice.

In order to choose the optimal components for any type of job, there are a few simple requirements to keep in mind. By ensuring these requirements are met, you can find the ideal valves and fittings for all applications.

Fitting and Valve Material Options

The types of pipe valves and fittings that are selected for any job will have to be fully compatible with the pipe used as well as for the specific type of media through the system.
It is important to carefully consider the temperature, pressure, corrosion issues, abrasion concerns and the specific type of fluid, gas or steam that will be flowing through the fittings and valves.

Type Of Valve

There are many different types of fittings to consider, but fittings, other than custom sizing, tend to be easier to select for most applications.

Valves, on the other hand, can be more of a challenge. It will be essential to understand if the valve will be used as a shut-off valve or if they will be used to control flow through the system. It will also be essential to know, in advance, if the control of the valve will be manual or completed through sensors and automatic regulation through a computer program that controls the parts of or the entire system.

For information on new options and materials, working with a quality industrial supply company can help ensure you get the parts and components, including the pipe valves and fittings, which are ideal for the job.

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