Flexible Packaging Companies: Providing Convenience And More

You have seen them in supermarkets and online retail outlets. They take the form of pouches, stick packs, sachets, and wrappers. These are forms of flexible packaging – packaging that is durable but not rigid. For flexible packaging companies, the market continues to soar with, increased opportunities to employ their products. Indeed, flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing segments in this industry.

Printing Processes

Packaging companies produce the printing for flexible packaging employing one of the several methods. The most common, in order of market share, are:

* Flexography

* Rotogravure

* Lithography

These currently dominate the flexible packaging printing industry.

Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging company tout the use of this process as being beneficial in several ways. They state the popularity of this method is due to various characteristics including:

* Convenience: Single serve, flexible packages are readily available and convenient to use for both adults and youth

* Variety: Flexible packages come in different sizes, styles, and shapes

* Portability: Carrying them is easy

* Durable and Lightweight: Flexible packaging is tough but not heavy making it easy to carry and store

* Attractive: The choice of designs for this type of packaging enhances its appeal

* Protection: Air-tight seals secure the contents of the product

* Promotion: The small size allows a company to produce a variety of attractive designs in small packages for promotional giveaways

Overall, flexible packaging provides consumers and producers with the advantages arriving from convenience while requiring less energy usage and contributing a smaller amount of waste material to the landfill sites.

Flexible Packaging Companies

One of the packaging processes at the forefront of the industry is flexible packaging. Companies who embrace this trend are offering their clients the chance to increase visibility and shelf life while providing consumers with convenience and ease-of-use. In addition, sustainability is served through a reduction in waste material and energy efficiency. The flexible packaging really does offer far more than convenience.

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