The Best Landscape Designer: Tips on Using Fountains

A water fountain is one feature that can add a lot of beauty to your lawn or backyard. People install lawns in their backyards both for the beauty that the presence of the fountain creates and the soothing and lulling sound that the water splashing around the backyard creates. A fountain also tends to attract insects such as butterflies and provides a rest temporary stop over for thirsty birds. In short, fountains are the easiest way to create a nature themed backyard. Here are some tips from the Best Landscape Designer on use of fountains.

The size of the fountain to install

Fountain size depends heavily on the amount of space you have at your disposal. If you are dealing with a small space, you may have to get a fountain with a small basin. When doing calculations regarding the size of the fountain, there are certain guidelines that can help you. First, the distance that the water falls should be equal to, or less than the distance between the edge of the pool and the spot where the water hits the surface. This calculation will help you maintain the splashing water inside the fountain and not on the ground surrounding it.

The installation and maintenance

Most fountains are designed in a way that makes them self-contained. Also, they are made in a way that the designers are the best people to do the installation. The amount of digging and other ground preparation that will go to the process of putting a fountain in place depends on the size of the fountain. For instance, a small fountain will only need a little amount of digging while bigger fountains will need deeper digging. Generally, when the fountain has a large bowl, you should allow professionals to help you with the installation.

Investing in a solar fountain

A solar fountain makes use of solar energy to pump the water through its system. As a result, it does not cost you extra in energy bills. Although the installation may cost you a little more, it will save you a lot of money eventually.

These are some of the ways in which you can use a fountain to create a great lawn. Hiring the services of the Best Landscape Designer is recommended.

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