Top Career Paths for Real Estate Lovers in Salt Lake City

Fresh out of university? Need to begin to think about your career path? Have a passion or interest in real estate? Then look no further, this article will lay down a few career ideas for any property lover. From Realtors to renovators, the property market is full of opportunity to sort any type of person. Real estate is a big industry, it moves and grows with the times and always is open for fresh blood to take a slice of the real estate pie. In Utah especially, the housing slump is finally over. People are buying and selling again, creating plenty of opportunities to a keen mind to get into the business. Here’s a list of the top career paths for budding property lovers.


For any fresh university grad interested in property becoming a real estate agent is a guaranteed winning decision. This gives you the perfect opportunity to ease yourself into the field, learning as you go, looking at different properties to gauge different styles and trends. It can also act as a gateway into other aspects of real estate such as brokering or the below suggestions. In order to be licensed you’ll need to attend a real estate school in Salt Lake City or the surrounding area. The course can be as short as 15 days, so don’t worry about long starting times. Real estate school in Salt Lake City will help you find all the information you need to get started. Visit


If you love property, but loath selling, then becoming an interior decorator could be the way forward for you. This field pulls more creative people as it’s all about art and style. You do not have to have any qualifications to begin in this field, but it would help. Try beginning by creating a portfolio of ideas, sketches, patterns etc. Then bring this to local designers to hopefully get some attention. In the design business it’s all about people knowing your name.


Buying old, used up properties at a bargain price and doing them up has been dream job for many people in Utah. Finding old, possibly dilapidated properties, and investing time, money and love into the property to restore it to its former glory, then selling it is perfect for many. This career path is open to anyone as it mean self-employment, however the initial funds to start projects like this often are quite sizable, so either get a short term mortgage out or wait until you’ve saved the necessary money.

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