The Falk Coupling: Falk True Torque® Fixed-Fill Fluid Couplings

by | May 4, 2018 | Industrial Supply

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Couplings link pieces firmly together. Whether they form a component for a crusher or a food mixer, they ensure production continues unabated. In Louisiana, companies requiring couplings for conveyor belts often turn to Falk, a subsidiary of Rexnord. Industrial professionals know that by preferring a Falk coupling to other types, they can be certain of quality protection against various disruptive forces. Among the popular models available are the Falk True Toque fixed fluid couplings.

Features of Falk True Toque Fixed Fluid Couplings

Falk True Torque Fluid Filled Couplings are favored by certain industries for their qualities and price. This type of coupling offers:

 * Start: This is flexible, cushioned and soft smooth, adjustable acceleration providing the softest, smoothest start will maximize the life of your system components.

 * Mechanical overload protection

 * Various sizes: These cater to the demands for more capacity at increased levels of speed e.g. 2760HF and 2870HF

 * Bore Capacity: This can be up to 7 in

 * Power Rating: This is up to 1,500 hp.

 * Torque Capacity: This ranges as high as 66,000 in-lbs.

This type of Falk coupling also receives notice for its capabilities of providing protection against sudden harsh shocks and thwarting sudden system failure. It does all this and more at an affordable, even economical price. This is another reason why Falk couplings remain popular for conveyor applications in Louisiana.


When it comes to employing this coupling in industrial situations, applications vary according to specific demands. In general, however, they form a component of diverse, intricate belt conveyors. They function both under and above ground. True Torque™ fluid couplings may be a part of a mining, crushing or mixing application.

Falk Coupling: Reliable, Durable, Affordable

In Louisiana, the name Rexnord-Falk is one industries trust. They depend on their products, including the Falk coupling and Falk gearbox to function efficiently and with high reliability in situ. Whether it is True Torque or Lifelign, Falk provides affordable products industry can depend on.

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