Details About Earwigs Extermination Services In Kapolei

In Hawaii, earwigs are common insects found around residential properties. The insects infest lawns and landscaping quite often, but they are likely to enter properties in search of food. Exterminators inspect the property thoroughly for the insects. A local pest control provider offers earwigs extermination services Kapolei for property owners now.

How Do They Look?

The insects are slender with pincers and measure about twenty-five mm in size. They have clear wings and have a body that is similar to lightning bugs. Unlike lightning bugs, the earwigs produce a foul-smelling odor that the insect squirts at possible attackers. The name assigned to the bugs is associated with a myth related to insects burrowing into the ears of humans.

Where are They Found?

The earwigs are found in cool and damp areas. The insects prefer areas that are undisturbed such as gardens. However, the insects could infest areas such as bathrooms and cabinets under kitchen sinks. The insects seek out wet areas and food sources.

What is the Insect’s Diet?

The insects prefer decaying vegetation the most. Since the earwigs are found in gardens most often, the insects feed on vegetables and surrounding plants. Live sprouts are a part of the insect’s diet, too. If food is scarce, the insects become predators and feed on other insects. The insects will enter the home to use houseplants as a food source, too.

What are Beneficial Ways to Eliminate Them?

Earwigs inside the home are treated with an insecticide that is safe for the home and pets. If the insects have infested the garden, the technicians distribute the insecticide around the garden. Ongoing insecticide treatments are needed to keep the insects away. The extermination team determines how often treatments are needed.

In Hawaii, earwigs are insects with slender bodies that fly around gardens and landscaping frequently. The insects feed on plants and vegetation found in these areas. However, the insects also enter properties when food is scarce. Extermination teams provide an effective solution for eliminating the insects including the distribution of insecticides. Property owners who want to learn more about earwigs extermination services Kapolei contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC for more info now. You can also connnct them on Facebook.

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