The Importance of Proper Septic Pumping in Poulsbo Wa

A septic system is the heart of a home’s plumbing system. Septic systems are responsible for moving water from sinks and showers, as well as from toilets. The water is separated into solids, liquids, and foam. Bacteria is then in charge of breaking down the solids and foam into a liquid state. Once broken down, the liquid is then pumped into a drain field where the earth can slowly and safely absorb it. It is important to keep the home’s septic system healthy in order to ensure that it works as it should. One way to keep the system healthy is by scheduling regular Septic Pumping in Pouslbo Wa.

What is the Difference Between Septic Pumping and Septic Cleaning?

Septic cleaning and septic pumping are often words that get used interchangeably. However, the two words differ from each other. Septic pumping is removing liquids and floating solids/sludge. Septic cleaning is removing all the water and compacted sludge from the bottom of the tank. While the difference between the two words may seem small, both can make a large impact on the home’s septic performance.

It is important to perform Septic Pumping in Pouslbo Wa on a regular basis- typically every 3 to 5 years. This will help prevent the sludge from thickening. Thicker sludge results in making it harder to remove the solids.

There are some factors that may affect how well a septic system is cleaned after the pumping has taken place.

Infrequent pumping/cleaning. As mentioned above, if the system has not been pumped or cleaned on a regular schedule, the toxic sludge begins to build making it harder to clean.

Invading tree roots. Heavy tree roots can become tangled with some of the solid waste. If the roots are not removed, the sludge remains in the tank which can cause an overflow.

Dividing walls. Septic tanks that have been installed after 1980 have two compartments that hold waste. Each compartment must be pumped each time. Sometimes, however, the dividing walls in the tanks are not always watertight. This, in turn, allows for the liquid to be pumped but not all of the solids.

It is important to keep your septic tank clean and running well in order to ensure a good working system. For more information contact a septic cleaning company today.

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