The Many Benefits of a Custom Size Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses may be new to the market compared to spring mattresses, but they are extremely popular. If you are in need of a mattress of a custom size, foam is a great selection to make. However, there are many reasons to go for a custom size foam mattress, which we’ll outline below for your convenience.

Relief of Pressure Points

The memory foam mattress was originally made for medical needs. It can protect and cushion those who are in wheelchairs or hospital beds. Normally, the pressure on the body while lying in the same position mixed with the resistance of bedding to cause damage to the tissues of the body. Memory foam relieves the pressure, rather than exacerbating it. This makes it one of the most comfortable mattresses you will ever find.

Accommodation of Various Positions

It doesn’t matter if you like to sleep on your stomach, side, back, or switch between them throughout the night. Custom size foam mattresses can accommodate any sleeping position. Your mattress will cradle every part of your body, so you can enjoy sleeping in whatever position you want while staying comfortable as you do so. There are also various firmness options, so that you can customize that as well. This is great for back sleepers, as it gives you extra support to the spine.

Motion Won’t Disturb You

With many mattresses, motion can be a serious issue. If you sleep in bed with someone else, you can end up woken up if you are a light sleeper or you have totally different schedules. Memory foam is a material that helps absorb motion and isolates that rather than transferring it across the mattress. That means when one person rolls in the night or even gets up, it won’t bring that motion to you so you wake up too.

Simple Maintenance Routine

This mattress is perfect when you prefer to keep the maintenance level low. You may need to vacuum it on occasion or rotate it once in a while, but that’s the extent of what your mattress will require. There’re no parts to malfunction, no need to flip the mattress, and no springs to pop out.

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