The Most Handy Garage Door Opener Accessories For An Overhead Garage Door Scottsdale Az

In years past, homeowners lived in bliss knowing they could raise and lower their automatic garage door with a touch of a remote control or a wall-mounted switch. When homeowners today become aware of the higher tech accessories available now for an Overhead Garage Door in Scottsdale, AZ, their garage door opens to a whole new world.

Open Sesame

The wireless exterior keypad has been the first opening technology to sweep through neighborhoods after the remote. Homeowners can mount a keypad on the exterior of the house near the garage door. By entering a programmable 4-digit code, it will allow homeowners the freedom to come and go from the garage on foot without the need to retrieve the remote from the car and carry it with them. Garage door monitors are also available to install inside the house, so homeowners can raise and lower the garage door from any room in the house. A homeowner who sits up awake suddenly wondering if he shut the door before bed can take a reassuring glance at the garage door monitor without even getting out of bed.

Handy Helps

Other handy garage door opener accessories include the battery backup system. This system allows the homeowner to open and close the garage door in the event of a power outage without the need to trip the manual switch on the garage door motor. One more accessory generating traffic in the garage door world is the laser parking system. This low-cost ceiling mounted gadget is a svelte replacement for a tennis ball dangling from the ceiling. The lasers align themselves to a point on a vehicle and help homeowners park in the same space every time. For the price of a t-shirt, homeowners can maximize valuable garage space.

Very Remote Control

Even more tech-forward in opening accessories, however, is the Internet Gateway. Internet Gateway allows homeowners to connect their garage door opener to a Wi-Fi smart-phone app. Not only does the Internet Gateway help a homeowner check to see if the garage door came down after rushing off to work, but remarkably, homeowners can raise and lower the garage door from anywhere in the world. Now that’s a high-tech accessory.

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