Top Tips For Finding The Best Grain Dryers in Southern Idaho

Proper grain storage is a crucial aspect of prosperous agri-business. For grain to be stored properly, it first has to be at the appropriate moisture. The right grain dryer will be the key to securing grain stores for top return. There are a few things to consider when trying to select the best Grain Dryers in Southern Idaho.

Things To Consider

Growers should consider the number of bushels they produce, how much labor they have available, and how much growth they project. For a grain operation with more than 85,000 bushels in a season, mixed-flow, tower, or portable dryer would provide the most efficient drying capability. For less than 85,000 bushels, a low-temperature heater, a high-temperature heater with the mechanism for stirring, or an in-bin dryer that uses natural air could get the job done well.

Weigh The Cost

Grain prices rise and fall, so investing in dryers and storage is paramount to protecting the grain for its highest return. Drying grain enables a farmer to complete harvest faster and therefore earlier. Having a dryer to expedite the drying will maximize its value in time alone, but will also ensure grain quality by protecting it from the perils of moisture. Grain dryers not only save valuable time, the right dryer will improve fuel and energy efficiency also. Most growers experience the most efficiency with a mixed-flow dryer. Grants may be available from the USDA for assistance in buying an energy efficient dryer to replace older equipment.

One To Grow On

Most farmers experience increased yield from year to year, and most grain dryers last 20-30 years, so it’s important to choose a dryer that can handle increased capacity. Modules are available for expansion of tower dryers to accommodate an increase in yield. Mixed-flow dryers can accommodate motors and electrical accessories that will handle a growing yield.

Keep It Clean

Of course, a higher yield and energy efficiency doesn’t mean much if grain bins and dryers attract insects before harvest. Even a simple broom or vacuum to clean out dust and scrap from bins and dryers before each harvest is a huge measure toward protecting the grain.

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