The Reasons Dodge Bearings Are Used Throughout Louisiana

There are many different companies in the United States as well as internationally that market a range of different bearings used in power transmission and industrial types of applications. When it comes to replacing bearings on a system, Louisiana companies tend to prefer to use Dodge bearings.

The Dodge name has been associated with the manufacturing and sales of bearings for over a century. The company is now as part of ABB, which also owns Baldor Electric. They continue to produce the full line of Dodge bearings, including mounted bearings of all types and for all equipment requirements.

Top Selection

The different options in mounted bearings by Dodge are designed for a wide range of industrial application. The company offers mounted tapered roller bearings, mounted spherical roller bearings as well as plain bearings.

Dodge, or ABB, even offers an advanced service smart sensor. This is mounted directly to the bearing and provides wireless feedback to the ABB digital platform that can be used to monitor all aspects of the bearing. It provides advance notice of any safety issues, potential failure risks, or any decrease in the performance or the health of the bearing.

Durability and Reliability

One of the main reasons that Louisiana companies stay loyal to Dodge bearings is the proven track record these bearings offer. With an established background of long life cycles and optimal performance even in very challenging types of applications, these bearings continue to be the go-to choice.

As with any brand of bearing, it is critical to choose the right bearing size and design for the given system. Incorrectly pairing a battery with a system results in an increased risk of failure and damage to the equipment. When in doubt, always consult with an experienced distributor before choosing a replacement bearing for the application.

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