Three Reasons to Call in Microwave Installation Experts in Henderson, NV

Not long ago, whipping up a quick snack or meal was a much more time-consuming and labor-intensive process than it is today. Then, in 1967, a revolution came to pass. An unbelievable appliance known as the microwave oven made its way to store shelves, and the world was forever changed. Heating leftovers no longer required heating up the entire house, and what once took quite a while was reduced to mere minutes or seconds.

Microwaves through the Ages

In the beginning, the public didn’t really need Microwave Installation Experts in Henderson NV. Microwaves were a one-size-fits-all solution and could simply be placed on the kitchen counter and plugged in. Over the years, they became a great deal more diverse. More compact models hit the market as did numerous sizes, colors, styles, and power levels.

An Industry Gains Steam

At this point, three basic varieties of microwaves are available. Countertop versions are still out there and are the simplest ones to bring into a home. Built-in and over-the-range models have come into play as well, and this is where the matter gets more complicated. Those options are best handled by Microwave Installation Experts in Henderson NV for a few key reasons.

  • Home Preservation.
  • Built-in microwaves can be hidden in cabinets or nestled into walls. Trying to place them without extensive knowledge and experience might end in disaster. Few things ruin a newly built or remodeled kitchen quite like a gaping hole in the wall and a microwave that won’t work.
  • Maintaining a Warranty.
  • If a microwave happens to be damaged during installation, one of two scenarios could ensue. In the event a professional installer is responsible for the damage, the microwave will be replaced at no cost to you. On the other hand, if you try to install it yourself and the situation goes awry, the responsibility falls on your shoulders and the warranty is voided.
  • Security.
  • Installing a microwave over the stove might not be an incredibly complicated process, but it’s not exactly simple, either. If not done properly, there’s a chance of coming home to find the microwave embedded in the range and both appliances out of order.

Professional intervention may not be necessary for placing a microwave on the kitchen counter, but those other alternatives are a different story. Any number of problems could arise during the do-it-yourself process. Visit us to schedule an installation appointment and avoid the potential mishaps.

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