The Rise of CNC Plastic Machining

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Metals

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Not too many years ago, when you needed parts for machinery or sturdy components, metal was the preferred choice. However, that has changed drastically today with the many benefits that modern plastics have to offer. In fact, CNC plastic machining is becoming very popular and here are some important reasons to consider these services.

Why Plastic?

Today’s plastics are strong and durable. They can do the job of many metals. Plastics are much lighter, and there are no rust or corrosion issues associated with iron or steel. Plastics are cheap to produce an offer cost-effective solution to many products today.

Injection Molding Vs. CNC Plastic Machining

The most common manufacturing method for plastics has been injection molding. This produces many shapes and sizes, but there are a few problems with casting plastics. It’s not possible to create precision parts, and with each casting, there is flashing to clean or remove. However, machining solves these problems and can give you precision parts. Modern plastics can be machined in similar ways to metal.

CNC Takes Machining to another Level

Manual machining can create complex and precision parts. However, the accuracy and precision depend on the skill of the machinist. Trained and experienced machinists demand high wages and good job benefits. Also, parts manually machined cannot be produced quickly. So how can you make this process more efficient? Automate the machinery with the help of computer numeric control equipment.

CNC plastic machining lets the machine operator set up the parameters with the help of a computer program. It doesn’t take a great deal of training or skill to use a computerized turning, milling, or boring operation. Once set up, the machine needs very little attention and can do most of the work on its own. This results in greater efficiency, lower costs, and better products for the consumer.

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