The Rise Of The American Craft Brewery: Focus on Oregon

The American beer market, according to various marketing and interest firms is tipping the $108 billion mark. However, while major labels continue to make an impression, they are not growing with as much rapidity as craft beers are Throughout the United States, however, it continues to make strong gains in markets, with certain states gaining predominance.

Top Craft Beer States

No one doubts California to be the leader of the pack in the production of craft beer. This has been the case for decades. The state is well known for the prominence of small local craft breweries. It is home to around 687 breweries. This puts it far ahead of its nearest competitors Colorado with 348 and Washington with 337. New York swings in at 4th with 303. Oregon, however, is 5th. This state, with less population than California or Washington, plays host to 244 breweries.

Top Brew Cities

Oregon also ranks high in the category “Top Brew Cities in the United States.” While California boasts Santa Rosa and San Diego, Oregon has Portland in 5th and, further down on the list, the smaller community of Bend. Clearly, whether the urban location is large or small, this state is home to many a viable craft brewery.

What Makes a Craft Brewery in Oregon Successful?

The answer to this question is not simple. Craft breweries in this state are proud to produce some of the finest craft beer in the world. Companies such as Sunriver, Ground Breaker (a gluten-free brewery) and the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company boast about the quality of the water to which they have access. The state is also famous for its hops. In fact, many craft breweries celebrate the quality and bountiful nature of their hops annually. Every fall, many a craft brewery in Oregon holds a festival dedicated to fresh hops. In fact, some organize hop-picking parties and fresh hop brewing contests.

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