Discover Craft Brewery Festivals In Oregon

Craft beer remains a popular commodity. Interest in the latest kinds and the companies that produce them continues to grow. In Oregon, they celebrate the best a craft brewery can produce at several local festivals. You can find them taking place in central locations in the state during the warm summer months.

Craft Brewery Festivals in Oregon

Oregon is home to many high profile and popular craft breweries. It is only natural they celebrate them openly. Below is a short list of the better-known and well-attended beer festivals in this state that boast local craft beer.

Oregon Brewers Festival

This one takes place annually at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland. It started in 1987 and has been running ever since. As most sensible beer festivals do, it takes place in the warm summer months – in this case, July. Every year, the crowds increase, coming to enjoy every type of craft beer (over 80) on the market including Belgians, Blondes, Pales, Pilsners, Saisons and Sours.

Portland Craft Beer Festival

Another summertime offering is the Portland Craft Beer Festival (PCBF). This annual event offers only local beers. To qualify for this festival, the craft beer must originate within the city limits of Portland. If your friends are not big beer fans, maybe they will enjoy the local ciders and wine available at this Oregon Craft Brewery festival.

BrewFest in the Park

Taking place earlier in Portland in the Overlook Park is another craft brew festival. It is a fill-in for another festival the Organic Beer Fest. Its organizers are taking a break for 2018. Both festivals feature only organic brews. These include cider and mead as well as local craft beer.

Bend Brewfest

This summer festival offers visitors more than 200 hand-crafted beers/ciders to enjoy. This event attracts around 40,000 to the town of Bend, Oregon in the month of August.

Beer lovers, check online for the exact dates.

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