The Three Ways That You Can Prepare For Your Laser Hair Removal Visit

If you don’t like the idea of shaving the hair on your body every few days, then consider one of the alternate methods of removal that are available. A common method to consider is laser hair removal in Fayetteville area. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the most benefits from the procedure.

The Right Option

When you talk to your doctor, you’ll discuss your medical history and any medications that you’re taking. This information will be used to determine if you are a good candidate for laser removal. You might not see the most benefits from the process if you have issues with your hormones or if you’re taking antibiotics. Consider waiting until you have finished taking your medication before having the removal process performed.


You want your skin to be as healthy as possible before you visit any office that offers laser hair removal in Fayetteville. Avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time or using a tanning bed. Your skin could burn and result in the laser not removing as much hair as you want. It could also result in irritations on your skin where the laser is used on the sunburned areas.

Hair Growth

Although it might not sound appealing, you should let your hair grow out as much as possible for about two weeks before the removal process. This can help to ensure that the roots of your hair are removed instead of only the shaft of the hair. In addition, avoid using any kind of wax or hair removal cream as these products can sometimes interact with the laser and irritate your skin.


There really isn’t a lot that you have to do before your appointment. Try not to drink a lot of caffeine for about 24 hours before going to the office, and wear clothes that are comfortable so that the technician can easily access your skin.

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