How to Winterize Vinyl Decking in St Paul

Vinyl decks provide homeowners with a comfortable, usable outdoor space during the warmest months of the year. With fall well underway, most homeowners in St. Paul are taking full advantage of their decks, but few consider making preparations for winter until the first snowflakes begin to fall. Winterizing vinyl decking in St Paul is easy, though, so read on to find out how to get started early to make sure the deck remains in great shape through the off-season.

Inspect the Deck

The first step is to inspect the deck thoroughly to make sure there are no damaged boards, loose handrails, or missing screws. If homeowners notice any signs of wear and tear, they should fix those issues now. Making repairs before the first snowfall will ensure that the deck is structurally sound and able to withstand snowdrifts, but it will also ensure that the deck will be ready for use as soon as the snow melts in the spring.

Remove Furniture and Plants

Pack up outdoor furniture and move potted plants inside before the first frost. Even if homeowners don’t plan on nursing their plants through the winter indoors, they should still move the pots. Otherwise, moisture could get trapped beneath these objects, leaving them dealing with mold and mildew in the spring.

Clean the Deck

After removing any large objects from the deck, sweep any fallen leaves, dirt, and other small yard debris off the deck’s surface. Next, wash the deck down with mild soap and water, using a brush to scrub stubborn stains. Rinse the deck with clear water and let it dry.

Avoid Metal-Edged Shovels

Since vinyl decking in St Paul is so low-maintenance, homeowners who have completed the steps listed above should be ready for winter. When the snow begins to fall, they can remove it from their decks using a broom or a plastic shovel. Avoid shovels with metal edges, though, as they can scrape the surface of the deck.

The Bottom Line

Winterizing a vinyl deck is easy. If homeowners notice any serious problems while they’re winterizing, they should hire a professional to fix them or replace the damaged parts. Contact Business┬áName to learn about the company that can help today.

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