Tips For Buying A Refurbished GE Ultrasound

Making the decision to purchase replacement or additional equipment for a hospital, clinic or a doctor’s office doesn’t have to be difficult. It can also be a very cost-effective option if you take the time to explore all of the possible options.

One way to save money and still get a like-new machine is to choose a refurbished GE ultrasound. It is possible to choose new models and pay a fraction of the price compared to the same model brand new. Since this equipment is repaired and tested to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications, you will be getting a machine that will last for years.

In order to find the right refurbished GE ultrasound there are a few basic questions you need to consider before starting your search.

Portability and Use

Portability and use are somewhat connected so it can be helpful to think of them as part of the same general category. Stop and consider what the ECG will be used for, where it will be used and how often it will have to be moved.

It is a good idea to meet the technicians in the facility or in the field who will be using the equipment. Ask them to generate a list of features they need and specifics as to the usage environment. This will be helpful in balancing issues such as portability and functions based on what your staff is indicating are the most essential features to use the equipment where it is needed.

Staff Training and Experience

If you already have GE ultrasounds in place and are upgrading or replacing older models, there will be minimal training requirements with new systems. GE provides a very user-friendly and intuitive to use interface through their control panel as well as the touch screen on the larger models. The portable EKGs are likewise easy to use with just basic experience.

Some of the more advanced features on the latest models of GE ultrasounds may require minimal training. Just be sure to consider this if you are switching from another manufacturer to a GE system.

Check the Warranty

The top companies offering refurbished GE ultrasound systems and portable devices will typically offer warranties of up to a year or more. These warranties are well worth considering as they add to your peace of mind and also provide additional support if there is any trouble with the equipment during the warranty period.

Avoid any refurbished medical equipment that does not have a warranty. Top medical supply companies that specialize in ultrasound equipment are always the best option just for this reason.

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