Why Remarkable Photos Require Professional Photo Printing

If you are new to the business of printing photos, you may not fully understand the difference between inkjet, professional photo printing and other methods used to print photos. Once you learn the difference you will be amazed.

Many people do not understand just what professional photo printing means, especially when it comes to real paper processing. Real photo paper is long-lasting, high quality paper that is used to create unbelievable photos by light exposure and processing with silver halide. Regardless of the level of your skills, once you see your work printed on real paper, you will never want to have them printed any other way.

How the Process Works

You do not have to understand a lot of scientific jargon, all you need to understand are the basics. Photo paper is exposed to light that comes from a laser. This exposure stimulates the chemicals within the paper and covers it with small diamond shapes. These shapes overlap to create a large number of diamonds all over the photo paper.

Then, the paper goes through a warm chemical bath that will stimulate and seal the colors. Because the paper is sensitive to light, it is loaded in a darkroom. In addition, the machines are adjusted with each new roll of paper in order to ensure that the quality of the printing color remains consistent. Therefore, the photo colors will match future photo colors, which is especially wonderful if you need to sell any reprints of your work.

Why It Matters

Professional photo printing is a process that many professional photographers use to develop their photos. When a professional photographer does a shoot, such as for a wedding or portrait sitting, most likely they will have the photos developed using this process. The depth and intensity of the color created by the diamonds is quite superior to photos that use inkjet processing. In addition, the black and neutral duplication is rather unbelievable as well.

Unfortunately, there are many photographers these days that do not use professional photo printing. Instead, they use inkjet printing for their customers’ priceless photographs. Even some professional labs that do use the light exposure method also use inkjet printing as well. Therefore, it is important to make it a point to ask the lab specifically about the manner that is going to be used to print your photos. This should be a deciding factor on where you choose to have your photos printed in Massachusetts.

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