Tips for Protecting Your Terrazzo Floors

Your terrazzo floors are low maintenance and can last you a lifetime, says This Old House. It’s no wonder a lot of people go for this flooring type. However, you’ll need to know how to protect your floors if you them to look good for as long as they can.

Keep away from sweeping compounds

Any cleaning solutions that come with oil is flammable and can cause discoloration in the surface. That can set into the stone permanently, leaving you with floors looking less than stellar. If you don’t like the thought of having your floors marred by such ugly marks, then be careful about the cleaning products you use.

Never use vinegar

Vinegar contains acidic elements that etch on tile floors. Bleach, wax and other all-purpose cleaners have the same effect so keep those cleaning solutions well away from your floors. This can help you cut back on your cleaning costs too.

Mop up those spills

If you’re the type to let spills dry out, then you’ll be in for a nasty surprise if you try that out with your terrazzo floors. If you don’t want your floors looking worn out and faded with a ton of stains, it’s easy enough to make sure spills are wiped and the area cleaned as soon as you can.

Hire professionals

If you aren’t inclined to do this, don’t have enough experience cleaning those floors or you simply don’t have the time, then you can call on professional terrazzo experts to clean your floors for you. That way, you won’t have to spend a minute more thinking about it. All you have to do is schedule the cleanup and you’ll be good to go. No worries, hassles and stress. Just a simple, convenient solution to protect your floors and keep them looking good as new, for as long as possible.

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