Solutions To One Or More Missing Teeth

There are many reasons for a person to lose one or more teeth; decay, gum disease, hereditary traits and injuries all result in the same thing; problems with eating, speaking and certainly, embarrassment when smiling and a lack of confidence. A dentist in Glenview has solutions, some of which can be accomplished quite quickly while others take time. The dentist can offer the following options:

Complete denture: This is a common choice for those who do not have any teeth in the upper or lower dental arch. Modern dentures use a custom fit acrylic base; they can be quite comfortable for some patients while other patients find them to be uncomfortable.

Partial dentures: If there are still teeth in the jaw a partial denture is an acceptable solution. It is very important that the teeth which are remaining are in excellent health as the partial denture uses them as anchor points.

Fixed bridges: A fixed bridge is an expensive solution but a good one. A bridge is used to span an empty space where at one time there was a tooth or teeth. The drawback to a fixed bridge is the fact that the teeth on either side which support the bridge have to be ground down which can prove to be problematic as time goes by.

Dental implants: Your dentist in Glenview will be the first to tell you that dental implants are by far the most comfortable and permanent solution. The implant, which is actually a replacement tooth root, is a titanium rod which is surgically implanted in the jaw bone. Over time the implant and the bone integrate and become a solid fixture on which a crown is fitted. Of all the solutions to missing teeth, this takes the longest time but when completed; nothing is better, the replacement tooth looks, feels and acts exactly the same as the natural tooth it replaces.

If you have one or more missing teeth your dentist in Glenview has options for replacing them. To discuss the pros and cons of the various approaches you are invited to make an appointment with Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore.

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