Tips for Taking Care of Leaky Roofs

If you have brown spots or discolorations on your ceiling, you may have a roof leak. In fact, the longer you wait on roof repair in McKinney, the worse the problem may get. However, just because you see spots or water dripping, does not mean you found the source of your leak. Here are some helpful tips for locating leaks, so you can fix them promptly.

They May Not Be Where They Seem

Water can enter your roof through a crack or tear in a shingle. However, it may travel a long way until there is an opening for it to enter your home. This can make roof repair in McKinney difficult. For example, suppose a leak starts at the top of the roof. However, the felt paper may keep the roof dry until the water finds a seam or other area. In other words, your leak may be a long way from its original source.

Check the Attic

If you can get into your attic or crawlspace, check it out. Look above the leak to see if you can spot its origin. You may need a helper on the roof with a garden hose. Have your helper spray the area of the roof where you spotted water coming in. If you are lucky, you may find the source of your problem quickly. If not, start looking uphill from the leak, because water always runs downhill.

If You Cannot Find the Leak

Sometimes you may not find where the water is entering your home. Instead of tearing out shingles and getting frustrated, contact your roof repair specialists in McKinney. They come to your home and inspect your roof, and give you an estimate for the repairs. It should not take them long to fix it, and you can enjoy a dry home again.

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