Top Dental Tips to Get You Through the Holidays Ahead

The holidays are nearly here, and people’s thoughts are turning to not only Christmas and presents but to spending time with friends and family and eating a ton. That’s where you want to try your best to avoid having to contact your emergency dentist in Batavia for a broken tooth or bad toothache. If you follow the top dental tips below to get you through the holidays ahead, then you shouldn’t have to see your dentist until your next regularly scheduled appointment.

Eat Teeth Healthy Foods
Even though it’s a holiday, you can still eat foods that are healthy for your teeth. While you can splurge a little and eat some of the great food prepared during the holiday season, don’t forget to add in the crunchy stuff like carrots, celery, and plenty of whole grains and water to keep you hydrated and your teeth in good shape.

Avoid the No-No Foods
Unfortunately, there are a few no-no foods that you need to avoid during the holiday seasons, if you don’t want to be putting in a call to your emergency dentist in Batavia. These foods sticky, hard, gummy, or really sugary foods. They might taste great, but they are not good for your teeth and can end in fillings being pulled out or broken teeth. These include candy canes, gummy bears, and even chestnuts. Avoid these and your holiday should be fine.

These are just a few of the top dental tips for getting you through the holidays with your teeth intact. From avoiding the no-no foods to eating teeth healthy foods, these tips will help. For more information on how to find an emergency dentist in Batavia, contact the professionals at Genesee Dental for help and answers to any questions you might have.

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