Troubleshooting Tips For VFFS Packaging Machine Types

In general, once installed and properly configured for the specific packaging requirements, VFFS or vertical form fill seal systems are very efficient and effective. However, just as with any equipment, over time and with use, or sometimes because of human error, it is possible for this packaging machine to experience some problems.

One of the most critical things to remember with any packaging machine is to follow the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance on the equipment. This should be followed as closely as possible based on the production rate and the type of conditions where the equipment is in use.

Additionally, problems with the equipment may not necessarily be an equipment issue. Low quality or cheap film can also cause problems with any system. If there has been a recent change in the film, try going back to the original film and seeing if the situation is resolved.

Incorrect Equipment Settings

It will be important to make sure that the equipment was originally set up correctly and that all system settings are accurate. Sometimes, with multiple users and multiple bagging programs, it is possible for settings to be changed within the control system.

Problems With Consistent Filling

There are several factors that can cause inconsistent filling with any packaging machine. Check to make sure that all program settings are correct, then also make sure that the correct systems are in use for the right material.

It is also possible that filling problems are a result of a problem with material lodging in the tubing. Verify that this is not an issue and that any possible areas of wear are repaired.

Sealing Problems

When temperature settings are incorrect for the film or when any part of the equipment is dirty or appears worn or damaged, sealing problems can occur. In some cases, all that will be required is a complete cleaning of the sealing area, while others may require a replacement of worn parts.
Ideally, contact your manufacturer and explain exactly what is occurring with the packaging equipment. Often the team can diagnose the problem over the phone, allowing for a quick fix with limited downtime.

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