Typical Costs for a Spay and Neuter in Oahu

Picking up a new cat or dog is a big responsibility. The pets absolutely adore their new owners and should be respected and taken care of properly. Yes, this includes getting them spayed and neutered so they live a better life and there are not any unexpected surprises along the way of owning the pet- especially surprises that could have been avoided.

But many new pet owners think that Spay and Neuter in Oahu is either very expensive or more trouble than it is worth. The bottom line is that spay and neuter should never be too expensive, and it is never too much trouble to make the life of that new loved pet far better. There are so many affordable options for pet owners, and programs that will accommodate a tight budget and treat the pet how it deserves.

The Typical Cost for Spay and Neuter in Oahu

So the prices range pretty wildly, and that has to do largely with what organization is doing the procedure, if there is an assistance program, and the location of the clinic by state. Neutering will typically cost $75, but it can get lower with the right program at about $40 and higher if there are any complications, perhaps close to $130.

Spaying is a little higher on average. An expected price should be about $95. It can get lower, especially with cats, including a range of about $50 to $75. On the high end, it could reach $150 or $160. Again, it all depends on a number of important variables.

Medical Requirements

One thing that makes the price vary is the requirements attached to the neuter and spay. Some clinics will require HIV tests (for stray cats) or rabies vaccinations. These come with a charge as well, though it is generally lower than a Spay and Neuter in Oahu.

Lastly, the price can be affected depending on two big variables. These are the age of the animal as well as if the spay and neuter is being done the same time. In all, one should expect to pay about $200 to get their new pet fully taken care of. For more information you can visit The Honolulu Pet Clinic.

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