Understanding the Limitations of a Rhinoplasty Procedure

There are many different features people may want to change on their body. In Austin, as in most areas of the country, one of the most common reasons patients seek out cosmetic surgeons is to change the shape of their nose.

For many, they want to correct a specific aspect of their nose. Perhaps it is too long, wide, curved, narrow or straight or perhaps there is a pronounced bump on the nose, or it is angled to one side of the face or the other. In most cases, rhinoplasty is an effective way to permanently change or correct the nose to create just the look the individual wants to achieve.

Nose Shapes

One important aspect of a rhinoplasty that doctors often have to explain to patients is the limitations to changing the shape of the nose. A nose that looks terrific on one person does not look good on everyone; it is a matter of balance, harmony, and aesthetics.

A top cosmetic surgeon in Austin takes the shape of the patient’s face, the size of the other features and the balance of a nose shape into consideration when completing this type of reconstructive surgery.

Using technology, doctors can now provide patients with virtual galleries, showing them how different shapes can be created to modify their nose and make subtle differences that provide the desired result.

Planning the Procedure

Depending on the specifics of the rhinoplasty, most people need approximately two weeks for the swelling and the bruising around the eyes to disappear fully. However, this varies based on health, age, recovery rate, and other factors.

Ideally, this is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can be easily done over a vacation. Typically, there is limited post-procedure pain or discomfort after a day or two after the surgery.

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