Understanding What Low Testosterone is and How it is Treated

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both male and female bodies. It is mainly involved in fertility and puberty, along with sexual design. Testosterone is made in the testes of men and the ovaries of women. Men have a higher level of testosterone, which contributes to greater bone mass, physical strength, muscle bulk, and body hair.

Declining Testosterone Levels

As men get older, the average level of testosterone in the body goes down. This typically begins at around the age of 30 and only escalates in the later years of life. Some men find themselves in a situation where his testosterone levels are too low, causing effects that are unwanted. This can lead to the search for a way to boost testosterone levels.

Testosterone Boosters

There are several herbal supplements that claim to be low t treatment for those in Manhattan Beach. The products state that the ingredients of their supplement will help increase the level of testosterone in the body. However, research hasn’t determined if this is true. Also, these products often aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Food Boosting Testosterone

Another low t treatment in Manhattan Beach which is nature is eating foods that can help moderate your levels of testosterone. Foods that have plenty of vitamin D and zinc are often cited as providing men with a normal testosterone level. Some of the most popular options are tuna, egg yolks, milk, oysters, fortified cereals, shellfish, beans, and beef.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is used in men who have severely low levels of testosterone. Having levels, this low can cause problems like lowered sex drive and a reduction in muscle mass. A testosterone medication will be prescribed. This is often an inject, but it can also come in gel or patches that are applied to the body. This is medically proven to cause testosterone levels to rise and eliminate low testosterone symptoms.

Side Effects

If you choose testosterone replacement therapy, there will be a need to have frequent blood work done. This allows your doctor to check your levels and determine if any side effects are present. Some common side effects include increased amounts of red blood cells and acne.

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