Understanding Your Buick A/C Fan Assembly

In order to keep your A/C functioning on those hot days, you should take some time to learn how the system works. When you know the parts that comprise your A/C , you’ll know where to look when problems arise. Here is your guide to understanding the basic Buick cooling AC fan assembly parts.

How It Works

When you turn on the A/C, you activate the fan assembly, which is comprised of two fans, one at the radiator and the other at the condenser. The radiator fan draws air into the system. The condenser fan cools the condenser when your car is in idle, ensuring consistent temperatures inside the vehicle. Power is sent through a relay, which engages the fans as needed.

How to Spot a Problem

If you are having an issue with your fan assembly, you’ll notice a loss of temperature control. Car radiators generate a lot of heat; if the condenser fan is faulty, you’ll notice an increase in ambient temperature when your car is not moving. Additionally, check the relay to ensure power is flowing through the assembly. If the relay is bad, your fans are not going to operate, resulting in hot air. To restore climate control, you need to identify and replace the faulty components.

Who to Call

If you suspect a problem with any one of your Buick cooling AC fan assembly parts, bring your vehicle to the mechanic. He or she will be able to determine the fault in your system, whether it’s the condenser fan, the relay or the radiator fan.

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