What Are Collision Shops Doing in New Jersey?

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Auto Parts Store

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Unfortunate as they are, accidents do happen. The most important thing in an accident is of course the safety of you and the other people involved. After that, your car is one of the casualties of an accident and fixing your car requires the services of a collision or auto body shop. So what do collision shops in New Jersey actually do?

1. Paint fixing. A collision or any other kind of accident including minor fender benders or even vandalism might have involved the chipping, scratching, or destruction of large areas of paint on your car. One of the biggest challenges in collision repair is matching the color of your manufacturer’s paint or your previous paint job exactly. A good collision shop like Northeast Collision will use a computerized color matching system rather than relying on the fallible human eye.

2. Frame work. Structural damage to your car can render it unusable and totaled. If you got into a serious accident that did structural damage to your car, the collision shop will have special machinery and equipment like frame machines to correct and repair the damage so the car is as good as new. In fact, precision collision shops use special technology to scan the car’s frame and ensure it matches factory settings.

3. Welding. Accidents can also cause some parts to have been completely broken or their integrity compromised and the only way to fix those elements is to re-weld. No matter what metals your manufacturer used in your car’s model, a collision shop like Northeast will be able to replicate factory weld jobs to get your car back to its original state.

4. Cleaning. A good collision shop also cleans up the mess that resulted from the collision itself and from the repairs, vacuumed and cleaned inside and out.

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