Used Cars for Sale in Cumberland County NJ – Useful & Affordable

Perhaps one of the reasons why the used car dealerships thrive is the fact that more people buy used cars today than ever before. However, are used cars really more useful and affordable as the ads say? Here is a breakdown of some of the important facts;


From a value perspective, buying used cars makes perfect sense. Once a car is driven out of the dealership, it is said that its value decreases by up to half.  This value reduction does not stop there, though. It is thought that the price of a car will reduce by up to half its dealership display value in two to three years. Now, cars today are made much stronger and reliable than those of the past decade, and a car two to three years old still has several years left in it. Therefore, buying a car that is two years old means buying a car at half the price, for several more years of reliable service. This should be the first thing in the minds of anyone who answers to that used cars for sale ad.


Only a few years ago, buying a used car meant a huge tradeoff. While the prices were friendly on the pocket – the buyers had to compromise and possibly lose such features like advanced safety mechanisms, electronic stability control, air bags, and anti-lock brakes. It was technically buying cheap while committing to an expensive risk. However, technological advancements today mean that almost all vehicles manufactured after 2009 have stability control features. These have been known to reduce the likelihood of fatal accidents by up to 50 percent. Today, when looking for used cars for sale, you will almost be guaranteed that they still offer much of what a new car offers.


Cumberland country used car dealers will likely open with the fact that used cars are now more reliable. They last longer and do not suffer from the problems that older used cars suffered. On the other side, potential buyers must be reminded that these cars typically do not have warranty and the buyer will likely have to pay for repairs and replacements out of their own pockets after closing the deal.

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