What is a Stain Pad Applicator and How Can It Be Beneficial?

Homeowners often use staining techniques as ways to update their furniture and patios. While staining wood can be a great way to update the look of a home, the staining must be done correctly, or it can actually subtract from the beauty of the home. Using a quality stain pad applicator is one way that homeowners can be sure that their staining projects are completed without error.

What is a Stain Pad Applicator?

Stain pad applicators are a type of tool that helps in the application of the stain. The applicator is designed to provide a professional look to the staining project. They are most frequently used when a large area is going to be covered with the stain. For best results, homeowners should use an applicator over smooth boards.

Why is an Applicator Beneficial?

An applicator works well because it allows the user to apply the stain deep into the fiber of the wood with each stroke. This removes the need for the user to use back brushing. As a result, the final look of the stained project is a uniquely smooth finish. Since the applicator requires less strokes, it will also save the user time. Even the most complex staining project can be completed in a timely manner.

How Should an Applicator be Used?

To achieve the best possible stain finish, an applicator should be applied to no more than two boards at a time. The applicator should always be applied starting at one end and working straight down to the other end of the board. Extension handles are available to fit most applicators.

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