What is the key to successful sales?

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Businrss

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If our Chicago Sales Management Training consultants were to pick a single term for business owners and salespeople to embrace it’d be “consistency.” It isn’t as sexy or exciting a term as say “innovate” or “aggressiveness,” yet it is a word which makes a big difference in all long-term relationships you wish to develop with a possible client. Below are some elements of sales in which consistency includes an asset:


One fast way to lose trust with a customer includes changing the price they were quoted. There’s nothing more annoying or frustrating for a potential client than to become excited about a service or product, receiving a price quote which is palatable then hearing that the cost went up. With that said, there certainly are times which pricing may, and should, change such as when a product evolves over a specific period of time. However, if the price changes from one day to another it may be perceived as shifty and ultimately place you in a position to have to rebuild trust with the client.

Follow through

According to our Chicago Sales Management Training consultants, successful salespeople understand that follow through is critical. Follow through may be as simplistic as telling a possible client you will contact them next week and really doing that or turning in a proposal by the date it’s due. Constantly doing what you say you’re going to do includes one of the most reliable methods of building trust. If you truly want to be fantastic at follow through, contact your client after the sale and ensure they’re satisfied. Showing up when there is not a deal at stake is an excellent method of fostering a solid long-range relationship.

Social media and personal branding

One good tool which the modern-day salesperson has inside their toolkit includes social media and placing some careful thought within your LinkedIn and twitter profiles is vital. Having consistency all across your social media networks includes one way to subtly build up a trust while interacting with individuals across the social platforms. For instance, it is recommended to use the same photograph across all profiles. Be certain to select a photo where people may clearly see your face so that when and if you meet your client in person, they easily can recognize you. This alone won’t build your business, like using social media without having to pick up a phone will not close deals, however, we all can use extra assistance here and there.

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