Why I Decided To Buy A Used Subaru Legacy In Chicago

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Automotive

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It’s not that I am not patriotic; but, when it comes to buying a car, I go by three things:-

1. What is going to be the main use that I will make of this automobile?
2. What is my budget for both purchase and running costs?
3. What are the major technical and (to a lesser extent) unessential specifications for the vehicle that the above two questions are pointing me towards.?

When I am satisfied on these points; I look at the car itself and not at who made it; or, even where it was made.

Factor 1

I have to admit that I enjoy driving away from the city and its urban sprawl and I am most content just to be out on the open roads behind the wheel of something with a fair amount of sportiness (always keeping to the speed limits of course). I make these trips fairly regularly and travel some distance (usually over the weekend) with an overnight stop in a place that happens to interest me.

I am not married and have no kids; but, I enjoy selective company and often take friends with me on my trips – from time to time, we may even take along our golf clubs. On vacations, I usually take a more extended road trip.

However, I do have to work for my paycheck (however meager I may think it to be) and I really do have to have a car to drive to work in. Thinking about how best to combine my pleasure driving with my necessity driving was when I started to consider the Legacy.

Factor 2

From my starting thought, I looked into prices for the new models and felt that they were just a little outside my budget (I would have needed to defer buying my home theatre setup and I do not believe in financing). However, I did like the average fuel consumption of 26 mpg in the city to 36 mpg on the highway. Fortunately, when I checked around for a good Used Subaru Legacy In Chicago, I was pleasantly surprised by the choices available that were all in good condition and within my budget.

Factor 4

Subaru’s technical specs and attention to both comfort and safety really impressed me. From the flat four cylinder boxer engine through the Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission and their Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive; I felt that this would be a car that I could drive hard while maintaining safety.

The comfort levels were just great and it comes with a fantastic sound system. Obviously, I bought one and am now the happy owner of a used Subaru Legacy from Hawk Subaru of Joliet.

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