What OEMs Need To Know About Check Valve Manufacturers

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Valve Manufacturer

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As an OEM, turning to specialized companies and manufacturers for parts and components is all part of the work that goes into developing a new product or relaunching an improved version of an existing product. Finding these companies is always a factor in setting up production.

Each component should be selected for performance, quality control, and for durability. This includes both large components and assemblies as well as each individual item in the system, including all types of valves. Even relatively simple types of valves, such as a check valve, should be selected with care to ensure their performance and reliability.

Standard or Custom Valves

Ordering both standard and custom valves is often required for a given machine, system, or piece of equipment. By working with check valve manufacturers that have the ability and the experience to produce both standard and custom valves, the OEM is not limited to selecting only standard valve options.

The best check valve manufacturers are able to manufacturers valves to any configuration and with any materials required by the OEM. This may include a variety of different types of plastics, metals, and alloys, all selected to match the specific needs of the given application.

Proven Track Record

The selection of check valve manufacturers should also include a review of the company’s experience. Look for manufacturers with experience in producing check valves and other required valves within the specific industry. This takes into account the various requirements for valves with regards to pressure, flow, and operating conditions.

A proven track record for a valve manufacturer also helps to understand the company’s ability to deliver orders on schedule and to the specifications required. This is instrumental in maintaining production numbers and ensuring supplies are always available without waiting for orders and delivery.

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