What To Expect When A Dog Comes Home From A Dog Boarding Kennel In Mt. Vernon

When a person is taking a trip, and they have a dog, they would need to find someone to care for their dog while they are gone. Some owners have friends or family members who are willing to sit with their dog until they get home, while others depend on a Dog Boarding Kennel in Mt. Vernon. If the owner is going to send their dog to a kennel, they should know what to expect when they come home.

Overexcited Behavior

When the owner returns from their trip and they take their dog home, he will likely be very excited. Not only has he been away from the only home he knows for a while, but he also hasn’t seen his owner. Because of this, going home will make him very excited and hyper. Once he has been home for a while, he should start to calm down.

Change in Appetite

When a dog gets over excited, he will seem more hungry and thirsty than usual. Since he isn’t actually hungry and thirsty, the owner should control his eating and drinking. If he eats and drinks too much too fast, it can result in bloating and digestive issues. For the first few days that he is home, the owner should control what he eats and drinks.

Change in His Schedule

When a dog first gets home, he won’t be on the same schedule that he was on when he left. Since pets like to be on a regular schedule, it is important to start getting things back to normal as soon as he gets home. The owner should start taking him out at his regular time, and he should be fed at the same time he was fed before he left. It might take a few days to re-establish the schedule, however, when things are back to normal, he will start feeling safe and secure again.

Spending time in a Dog Boarding Kennel in Mt. Vernon can be hard on a dog, especially after he comes home. It is important that the owner knows what to expect when the dog comes home and how to handle the changes. Above all, the owner should be patient with the dog. It just takes time for dogs to fall back in the regular routine. For more information, contact Business Name.

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