What You Should Know About Fire Suppression Inspections in Salt Lake City

Fire suppression systems are standard in commercial kitchens and other high-risk areas. After installing one of these systems, it’s essential to maintain the required inspection schedule to keep it in good working order. The following will help you understand everything you should know about a fire suppression inspection in Salt Lake City.

How Often

Routine fire suppression inspections in Salt Lake City are required to keep your premises safe. Knowing when to schedule these inspections is critical. Many fire protection companies recommend inspecting your suppression system at least twice annually. They will check the functional components of the system and ensure they are in excellent shape to give you confidence that it will work when needed.

How to Prepare

You must prepare your property for your fire suppression inspection in Salt Lake City. First, schedule your inspection outside regular business hours to prevent disruptions and ensure no one gets in the way of inspectors. If you operate 24 hours a day, consider a slower time. Keep the area clear for easy access, and alert anyone who will be at the inspection, so they know it won’t operate for a period.

What Happens During the Inspection

When your fire protection service arrives for a fire suppression inspection in Salt Lake City, they will evaluate the components to determine their condition. They may also replace worn-out parts and recommend required repairs to ensure smooth operations. You can expect thorough inspection documentation and its results to provide to authorities and your insurance company to prove compliance.

If you need to schedule a fire suppression inspection in Salt Lake City, visit Summit Fire & Security to book an appointment.

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