Why Getting an Arts Degree in Journalism Is a Great Idea in Chicago

If you love writing and are wondering what career would be a good fit for you, then you might want to try journalism for size. There are many opportunities to choose this as your career. In fact, pursuing a degree in Arts Journalism may be one of the most satisfying career choices that you can make.

Learning For A Living

When you become a journalist, you are committing to a life of constant learning and curiosity. Each day offers a brand-new opportunity to investigate and report on a new topic or dig deeper into a topic that you are already working on.


From having to meet strict deadlines to digging up information that some people may not want you to have, the life of a journalist can be very challenging. However, at the same time, it can also be very exciting. If this sounds like it would be appealing to you, then a career in journalism might be right up your alley.

Work With Passion

Not only will you feel a sense of passion for your work, but those who you work with will also feel that same sense of passion. This can make for a very satisfying workplace environment.

Sense Of Achievement

Most people who have received a degree in Arts Journalism state that they often feel a great sense of achievement with their choice of careers. Why not find out if you will feel this way as well?

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