Who Benefits From Art Galleries?

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Arts

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Many artists make their start selling their work at local art galleries. This is how they are able to present their art to the art community and network. By presenting their art in a gallery artists are able to gain much-needed exposure in a community with fierce competition, but who actually benefits from art galleries?


Obviously, the artists selling original abstract paintings in Chicago benefit from presenting their art in a gallery. It allows them to be seen by the art community and to meet people within it. On top of the exposure, artists are also selling their work, so there is a financial benefit as well. While many artists do not rely on their art as their only income, the extra can always help.


By going to galleries, collectors can buy pieces from new artists before they gain exposure and their work gains value. This is an excellent opportunity for collectors to add new pieces to their collections.

The Art Community

In the same way that networking benefits the artist, it also benefits the art community. Going to a gallery gives them the chance to meet with new artists and keep track of who is on the rise.

The Gallery

By presenting exceptional art, the gallery gains a reputation for excellence and will attract more buyers and sellers. With the increased traffic comes more commissions for the gallery. This is why galleries will often be selective about the art they present.

The Local Community

The local community benefits fro having an art gallery in a number of ways. When a local artist sells a piece, they will put that money back into the community whether directly or indirectly. Taxes will be collected on the sale and put back into the community.

When you support a local art gallery, you are supporting many more people than just the artist you are buying from. You are supporting the art community, the gallery, collectors, and even the city.

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