Why You Need a Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Farmington, NM

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Fire and Security, Fire Protection Service

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You count on your fire extinguishers to work if a fire breaks out on your property. Having an operational fire extinguisher on hand can put out small fires and keep the fire from spreading to other areas where it can cause more damage. However, many businesses make the mistake of neglecting their fire extinguishers. Getting frequent fire extinguisher inspections in Farmington, NM, is an essential task.

Check for Minor Damages

While fire extinguishers are built to withstand a lot, they can still be damaged over time. That’s why a regular monthly fire extinguisher inspection in Farmington, NM, is a critical task you should assign to an employee. They can check the fire extinguishers for visible signs of damage that weren’t there the month before, so you can keep your fire extinguishers in good working order.

Ensure Functionality

It’s important to feel confident your fire extinguisher will work when you need it. The best way to gain this confidence is to get a regular fire extinguisher inspection in Farmington, NM. These inspections should be completed by a professional who will look for signs of physical damage. They will also check the functionality of the unit, including the internal pressure, to ensure your unit is ready to go in case of a fire.

The Ideal Location

In addition to checking your fire extinguisher during the fire extinguisher inspection in Farmington, NM, the professional can also help you determine if yours are in the right location to be the most effective. Fire extinguishers should be kept in an easily accessible location and shouldn’t be blocked by anything that would make it challenging to retrieve. If yours isn’t in a good location, they can help you reposition it.

If you need to schedule a fire extinguisher inspection in Farmington, NM, visit business name to make an appointment.

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