Why you need a lawyer for your DUI case

After being charged with a DUI offence, in order to get your license and driving privileges back, you must get proper help to be able to beat the charges in court. For most people, a DUI charge is an unexpected thing, and most are left wondering whether they really need an attorney. A plea bargain is unlikely because many jurisdictions have tougher laws against DUI today. The legal field will likely be more difficult to navigate without a lawyer than it would be with one.


Not all DUI cases are as straightforward as they seem. They are criminal cases, and just like any other, the person charged is presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is the job of the prosecutor to prove beyond reasonable doubt, so before entering your plea, you must find out where the prosecution stands. This requires an experienced and knowledgeable legal mind, and advice only a seasoned lawyer can give.

Local Help

It pays to have locally based lawyers when faced with a DUI charge. Driving under the influence is wrong, but different localities have different rules, some stricter than others, and this might affect the outcome of the case. A local lawyer will bring more to the table than just the ease of access or availability. They will be in the best position to know the local rules and procedures. Their understanding of the following might help with the case;

    DUI fines and laws in the state
*     Judges, prosecutors and procedures that will affect the case
*     Other similar cases

Look for a competent driving under the influence attorney in Clackamas to handle your case.


The actual choice of a DUI attorney might also be problematic. Go only for the lawyers you are sure are qualified to handle the case. Check out the lawyers’ ethical, educational and job background, as well as their record with related criminal cases. When dealing with a law firm, go for the one which has lawyers who specialize in DUI cases. Choose a lawyer you can trust, one with whom you can build a good rapport.

Were you pulled over by the police for a random DUI check and hauled in? With the Oliveros Law Group, you are guaranteed a strong defense.

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