Types of Journalism Specialties

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Arts and Entertainment

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When it comes to choosing a college degree, many people desire to get a degree in journalism, but most do not realize that there are several different fields of journalism. This makes sense because you would not be taking the same approach with a sports journalism position as you would with art journalism. Here are a few of the different journalism specialties to keep in mind when choosing a degree.


An art journalist is just that, they do reports on different types of art. This can include interviewing upcoming artists and attending art shows. This also includes music and literature so you can expect a wide variety. An art journalist is expected to cover both local and national news, so that means that you could be working a local festival one day and traveling out of the state the next.


Tech journalists often do stories about the latest developments in technology. This can cover topics from computers and electronics to emerging automotive technologies. Tech journalists need to have a high-level understanding of modern technologies and be able to write about them in a way that is not demeaning to advanced readers but is also simplified enough for anyone to read.


Science journalists follow advances in all fields of science. This has some overlap with a technology journalist since they are both likely to focus on computer technology at times. Science journalists are usually also medical journalists, so you can expect to be writing stories on the latest medical breakthroughs.

There are many more areas of journalism to consider. This is a field with a wide range of specialties you can choose to invest your time in. Be sure to find the one that is right for you. Try to find one that coincides with one of your hobbies such as becoming a tech journalist if you enjoy computers and technology, or an art journalist if you enjoy the arts. If you are interested in becoming an art journalist, then contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You can learn more at http://www.saic.edu

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