Your Recourse Under Florida’s Lemon Laws

If you buy or lease an automobile in the state of Florida and it turns out to have a serious defect, one which simply cannot be rectified, you have the right to hire a Florida Lemon Law attorney and seek recourse. The lemon law in Florida provides arbitration for those people that purchased or leased a faulty car, the result of which can be a replacement or a full refund of the purchase price. The law does not apply to used vehicles.

If the defect is such that the manufacturer cannot repair it after a certain number of attempts or a certain time frame, you can expect to have it replaced or bought back.

Lemon law eligibility:

The lemon law rights period in Florida is 24 months from the date the vehicle was delivered to you. If, during this period, the following occurs, it can be seen as a lemon in accordance with the law.

  • The defect must be such that it impairs the safety, use or value of the vehicle
  • The manufacturer must have been given three chances to repair this substantial defect
  • The vehicle must not have been available to the owner for repairs for 15 days or more

As the laws are quite complex it is always a good idea to engage the services of an experienced Florida lemon law attorney. You or your attorney must deal with the manufacturer, not the dealer that you purchased the car from.

Although you expect your new car to run perfect, it is always a good idea to maintain accurate records of the vehicle service history, you never know until you have owned the car for some time whether it is a lemon or not.

Hiring an attorney:

When you are dealing with a major vehicle manufacturer you can expect that they will be represented by excellent lawyers. You need to be equally represented; you need a Florida Lemon Law attorney that knows the law, is an excellent negotiator and has a proven track record of success.

If you purchase or lease a vehicle in Florida and it turns out to be a lemon you will be far better off if you hire a Florida lemon law attorney to represent your interests. For information you are invited to visit

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