Why Choose Multi-Function Printers for Your Business?

If you need equipment for your offices in Charlotte, NC, it’s important to get the most for your money. However, you also want machines that are easy to use and give you and your staff the most dependable service. When you need printing machines, multi-function printers give you several advantages over standard machines and here are some reasons why.


When you buy multi-function machines, you don’t have to purchase a printing machine, scanner, copier, and fax machine. Compare the prices of buying machines for printing, faxing, copying, and scanning machines. It’s cheaper to buy one multi-purpose machine than four standard machines.
Many office machines need to be in “standby” or “ready” mode during the day, and this uses energy. You’ll save power by having only one machine operating.

You save money on printing supplies because you don’t have to buy several different kinds of inks or toners for your machines. You only need to stock supplies for your multi-function machine. You’ll save a lot of time installing new toner cartridges.


Maintaining four machines can be costly, and when you only have one machine to keep up, you can save time and money. Maintenance contracts are cheaper because it takes less time for maintenance staff to service multi-function printers.


Most offices today only have so much available space. When you change over to multi-function printers, you can save an enormous amount of space in your offices. In fact, you may save enough space to add another staff member to accommodate your expanding business. Added space makes it easier on your staff to move about, and they won’t feel crowded or hemmed in. This makes a more satisfying and comfortable work environment.

When you combine your office equipment, you have fewer cords and cables to cause problems. This provides a more organized and safer environment for your staff.

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