4 Tips for Improving Your Machine Shop Safety

Running a machine shop can be a very rewarding business. No one tells you what to do or constantly looks over your shoulder. However, if you need to do plastic, aluminum, or stainless machining, it can cause a few problems, and you want to make sure that everyone stays safe. Here are four helpful tips for keeping injuries and workman compensation claims to a minimum.

1. Don’t Handle Cutting Chips

When you are doing stainless machining work, the chips can sometimes get stuck, or they’ll be very long before they break off. You might be tempted to stop the machine and pull them loose, but this can be a bad idea. These chips are very sharp and can give you a nasty cut.

2. Machine Guards Are There for a Reason

When you have hard to work with metals, your machine may not work as well as normal. If you need to make adjustments, never remove the guards and work on the machine while it’s running or has power going to it. Most machines are designed to have guards that protect you, but they can’t do their jobs if you try to bypass them.

3. Don’t Force the Machine

With aluminum and stainless machining, the machine can sometimes bog down if you don’t have the speed set high enough. When this happens, you may try to force the issue, but this could cause the machine to behave erratically and could be very dangerous for the operator. Always set the machine at the right speed before you begin.

4. Keep Your Work Area Clean

It’s nice to clean up before you go home but this is not good enough. During the day, trash or debris can collect around your machine or in the aisles, and it should be removed as soon as possible. Accidents usually happen during shift hours, not after they’re over.

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