How to Spot Cataracts and What Can Be Done

Are you having any difficulty seeing at night? Are you experiencing faded colors or a dull vision? Advances in technology and improved methods of eye surgery have made maintaining your eye health and vision much easier. There are many symptoms of cataracts, and they tend to develop with age. Cataract surgery helps to eliminate your cloudy eye lens and repair your sight.


Because there are many potential symptoms of cataracts that could also end up being another eye disorder commonly experienced, it is essential to visit an eye doctor. Cataracts gradually deteriorate your vision, so it often even goes unnoticed for a while. Symptoms of cataracts include the following:

  • Unclear vision at night
  • Sensitivity to natural or electric lights
  • Distortion in vision
  • Seeing glares
  • Seeing faded colors
  • Cloudy vision

How Do Cataracts Develop?

Vision becomes impaired over time, often due to aging, medications, and other previous eye issues. The natural lens of your eyes becomes cloudy as cataracts develop, and that’s when you’ll begin to experience symptoms. Cataracts affect most people but in different degrees. Some people may not notice any problems at all, while others may require treatment.

A Safe and Successful Surgery

There are a few techniques that eye doctors use to correct your eye lens. Cataract surgery near Barrington, IL utilizes the LENSAR™ Laser Cataract System. It provides doctors with a 3-D view of your eye so that they can determine the best method to treat your eyes. This system also allows you to relax with no worries as doctors perform this laser surgery.

Cataract surgery is a very safe and successful method for improving your vision as you age or develop eye problems. The surgery implements techniques that were used for the past decade, and with advanced technology, doctors are able to work more efficiently as they can identify the degree of treatment needed.

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