Are You Catering a Buffet in Newberg, OR?

If you are catering an outside event, you will need to rent the equipment. Whether you are catering or hosting an event, this type of equipment is an obvious necessity. Therefore, the equipment rental company you choose should provide a full range of equipment options. Not only should you be able to access cookers, you should be able to rent bar equipment, too.

How about Renting a Grill?

A catered buffet in Newberg, OR requires rentals, such as a generator. If you want to keep the power flowing, you need to rent one of these machines. They are available in quiet-running brands, so they will not prove to be a distraction during a catered event. You might also consider serving up fresh cooked or grilled items on-demand. For example, you may want to rent a charcoal grill for cooking burgers or steaks.

In addition, buffet catering equipment for a party should include the following:

*Chafing dishes
*An oven roaster
*Propane grill for barbecuing
*Charcoal grill for grilling and barbecuing
*Hog roaster
*Ice chest
*A large coffee maker – one that can make as many as 100 cups
*A fill-and-chill table
*Salad container with lid
*Serving spoons
*Salad tongs

Where to Rent the Equipment

You can obtain the above rentals from a company, such as Botten’s Equipment and Event Rental. Again, you want to go to one source for all of your catering and bar needs.

For example, besides buffet equipment, a rental supplier should also offer the following types of bar and beverage accessories:

*Beverage fountain
*Portable bar with skirting
*Coffee urns
*Coffee makers
*Beverage dispensers
*Coffee carafes
*Tea pots
*Glass pitchers
*Stainless steel pitchers
*Plastic pitchers
*Insulated servers
*Punch bowl
*Wine bucket and stand
*Water boiler dispenser

A Boon for Your Business

If you are just beginning a catering career, having access to this type of equipment through a catering rental company can be a boon for your business. Make sure you are well-prepared, whether you are catering a party or hosting a grand event.

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